Witcher Blood of Elves Book Review

Witcher Blood Of Elves Book Review


Blood Of Elves

Geralt of Rivia is known as the Witcher. Awaiting the birth of a prophesied child. This girl was very important for the world to be a better or worse place. The characters have lived together peacefully for centuries. This peace between humans, dwarves, dwarves and elves was actually relative. The restless peace is over. Times have changed. The races are on the attack again. As the threat of war wanders, the girl hunts for her powers. Ciri’s significance does not end with her royal lineage. There is one more thing; Elven blood in Ciri’s veins. Geralt will of course protect Ciri. Geralt’s other responsibility is to protect all of them. And the Witcher will never admit defeat. But Geralt is not the special character of this book. Because the book concentrates on Ciri. Trained by Ciri Vesemir, Coen, Eskel and Lambert. Under Geralt’s protection, Ciri transforms into a rebellious girl. This is different from what we saw at the beginning. This book is much more enjoyable and fluent than the previous ones. If you’ve read the previous ones, you will definitely notice this. The side characters are of great importance in this book. Especially Ciri and Yennefer. We cannot see Dandelion. There are also developments with Triss Merigold, which we can call a mentor. Frankly, I was expecting to meet Triss. The bond between Ciri and Triss was good. We saw their compassionate side. The book was mostly embellished with politics and war. Sapkowski shows us with this book that a good fantasy story can be told in many ways. That’s why we couldn’t find a lot of action. As for the blood of the witch-elves book review and order for 2021 the book must be ordered. A good advice from us. I think the outbreak of the war made us feel good. If only we could see some more fantastic beasts. The book might have been longer. It was a good book in general. This is both an unfamiliar world and an extraordinary world.  The lack of action helped this. The finale is of course not bad. But we cannot say that it is very exciting. Of course I am very excited for the next book.

The World Of The Witcher Book Review

It was written from the perspective of Dandelion, the friend of the Rivian sorceress Geralt. There are things we will cite as The World Of The Witcher Book Review.

The most important feature of the book is the history of the Witcher’s world. We can add culture to this. Here we can see fine works of art that complement the book. We also see duplicate pages.  There is a lot to read. Fans will love this book. Because it will be a very satisfying summary. Great in everything. For this reason, we definitely recommend it to fans. 






Question and Answer

1. Witcher Blood Of Elves, which book in the series?

Witcher Blood of Elves is chronologically the 3rd in The Witcher saga.

2. How much action is there in the novel Blood of the Elves?

To be honest, there isn’t a lot of action throughout this novel, but that’s okay. Because it is a different approach than the other books in the series. 

3. Where does Geralt and Ciri take their way?

Ciri and Geralt meet. The Witcher, who does not believe in fate, takes the path of Kaer Morhen with a girl next to him.

4. Who were the memories of Ciri Nin?

We see Ciri’s days out of childhood with Triss in this book.

5. Which is the starting book of the series according to its subject?

Although Blood of the Elves is the third book in the Witcher series, it is the starting book of the series.


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