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World of The Witcher


The World of The Witcher

In this review, you can get basic information but spoiler. So read The World of The Witcher book review comfortably. The World of The Witcher is printed in large size, glossy paper, hardcover, and color; this work deals with almost all aspects of the world that is the subject of both books and plays. There are many topics such as history, geography, races, kingdoms, cities, wars, magic, and religious systems. In addition to these, the creation and history of the Witchers and the life story of Geralt of Rivia are also told in detail. From the mouths of the characters you love. It is worth recalling that The World of The Witcher compilation covers the subject of both all books and all games. In other words, it is a huge spoiler well itself. Therefore, while reading the last section, behave cautiously. of course, you can get information about the episodes without any spoilers from this article, the world of the witcher book review. Also, if you want a piece of general information about the witcher book series reading order, just keep reading this article.

Although World of The Witcher contains encyclopedic information in general, all of the topics in the book are written by the characters you love and know. This has created a much more legible expression, even in a conversational atmosphere. In any case, the book is given the atmosphere of a work written by Dandelion, rather than a reference work printed by CDPR. So much so that on the first page, in the introduction section, you encounter the introduction text of your chatty and flirtatious poet. It is as always enjoyable to read his overly confident and somewhat arrogant comments. The World of The Witcher consists of five main parts in total. Of course, such a vast subject can only be impartially told by someone who has witnessed the entire history of the world. Therefore, Dandelion submitted the writing of the first chapter to the golden dragon Villentretenmerth, known as the Borch.



Friendly Storyteller Borch

Borch begins by talking about the oldest races living in this land. Later, the Elves, humans, and monsters that set foot on the Continent with Unification of the Spheres come into play. It displays all the large and small settlements you can think of, from Skellige to Novigrad, from Oxenfurt to Mahakam, from the color of their flags to their borders. Parts of Vesemir were written in a more friendly style than others. While the old swordsman gives you information about the Witchers on the one hand, on the other hand, it seems as if he is sometimes chatting with advice, sometimes with a concise word, sometimes with a funny memory.

The Third Part with Yennefer

The third part does not come out of the pen of Geralt’s greatest love, Yennefer. Yennefer explained in detail how the magic system in the books works, its types, and training. The features of the elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, their differences from each other, how to control them… Witchcraft schools, magic education, and forbidden spells… You will read some long and some short explanations about every subject you can think of. The teachings of the Prophet Melitele, Lebioda, and the Sect of Eternal Fire, as well as the sects you have encountered in books and games, as well as other sects that you have not heard of before or that you know little about. 

Geralt of Rivia and the Creatures

This chapter deals with the wild creatures in this universe. Written from the hands of one of the best people to do this job, Geralt of Rivia himself …

Geralt handled the monsters by dividing them into their classes. And he mentioned almost every genre we encountered, from the first game to the last game. Goblins, drowned dead, ghouls, vampires, griffins, dragons… There are even rare species like Kosey and Striga.

The world of the witcher book review ends here because of the spoiler danger. But the world of the witcher book review gives you a bonus chapter who is a beginner in the Witcher Universe.






Question and Answer

1. What order sould the Witcher books be read?

Since the first game of The Witcher is about 5 years after the last book of the book series, the first priority books are;

  • The Last Wish (1993)
  • Sword of Destiny (1992)
  • Season of Storms (2013)
  • Blood of Elves (1994)
  • Time of Contempt (1995)
  • Baptism of Fire (1996)
  • The Tower of the Swallow(1997)
  • The Lady of the Lake (1999)

Here are some more collections and books for fans:

Short story collections:

  • Sword of Destiny (original Polish version: 1992/English: 2015) 
  • The Last Wish (Polish: 1993/English: 2007) 

The Witcher Saga:

  • Blood of Elves (Polish: 1994/English: 2008) 
  • Time of Contempt (Polish: 1995/English: 2013) 
  • Baptism of Fire (Polish: 1996/English: 2014)  
  • The Tower of the Swallow (Polish: 1997/English: 2016) 
  • The Lady of the Lake (Polish: 1999/English: 2017) 
  • Standalone novel
  • Season of Storms (Polish: 2013/English: 2018) 

2. Why are the publication order and reading order different at The Witcher books?

The series started as a short story series in the 80s for a Polish fantasy magazine, the story was third in the competition for new ideas and authors. Stories were so popular that they started producing full-length novels that started in the 90s and eventually evolved into games you know and love.

The last wish is the book where you can enter the Witcher universe. Published one year after the sword of destiny, published in 1992, The Last Wish is about the pre-story. The last wish contains every story in the universe that Sapkowski first created with the name of “wiedzmin”.

3. Does the TV series on Netflix contain all the books?

The last wish and sword of destiny are among the stories we are closest to seeing in the first seasons of The Witcher. Therefore, if your expectation for the Witcher World is only for the series that will be broadcast by Netflix, you do not need to dig into other stories right now. Because the tv series is about just about two books. If you want to dive deep into the Witcher universe and learn almost everything about characters, there are five more books in front of you.

4. Why should I read The Last Wish first?

It includes stories written before the first long book and establishes the Continent. It also tells the reader about Geralt and how to be a wizard and what was and did. You will read about fighting monsters, fights in bar rooms and escapes from the bedroom.

5. Are the Witcher Books Still Being Written?

Absolutely yes. Sapkowski has many  given declarations multiple times after as the game reputation grows that books and the story will be continue.


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