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The Tower of The Swallow Review and Order 2021


The Witcher series are so popular and loved series on these days. The Tower of The Swallow is the sixth book of the series. Is this a good book to read? What is the plot of this book? Here are the Tower of The Swallow review and order 2021.


Plot of The Book

It is the sixth book in an ongoing series. The Tower of The Swallow is as dark as the previous books. This book picks up following the two main storylines that we have been following through the series. Ciri and Geralt became diverged like way back in book one. Sapkowski splitted between the two in this book. People get a much better balance of the two plot lines. This book is probably slightly more serious than the others.


We follow Ciri, probably the most she has ever been followed in the series up until this point and really get to see the evaluation of her character. It seems the mentality of telling the series story in this book was how far can we push this innocent young girl, who we got to know up to this point to where becomes believable when she turns to a much darker version of herself. Other characters are also pushed to their psychological and physical limits.


This book starts out strong straight out of the gate where you have this old hermit guy who lives alone and discovers Ciri who has been badly injured. She is close to death then he takes her in and heals her up for a while therefore the main story of this book is Ciri healing, getting better and telling her story to this other guy. People will get a lot of flashbacks showing how she went through, where she was before. People get a lot of character growth for Ciri in this book. This book really sort of highlights her development and shapes her into the character that she will become for the endgame plot which is great. You will realize that a lot of people want to get their hands on Ciri. The emperor wants to marry her, the tornado wants her dead. Then when she is finally better decides it is time to go and find The Tower of The Swallow. Towards the end we follow Ciri on a continued journey to the tower and that whole section of her journey is impressive. You got the group of pursuers, they are tracking Ciri, they follow her tracks out onto a frozen lake and it is foggy. She picks them off one by one. At this point people can see how deadly she really can be. In this book we have flashbacks, we have characters remembering things. People will catch up with some characters as out well in this one. Dandelion has some of the top tier Dandelion moments. In this book, we are really getting sort of everything coming together now.


There is not one character having a good time during the story at all. The world still feels very gritty down to earth. Even the positive events that happen in this story usually are tainted by darker undertones. This book introduced some of the best villains up into this point. You hate them, you fear them, and you understand them. It is masterful. Every character seems to be at their least likeable. They are all in ad places, they are all kind of just dealing with the worst that they have had to put up with. They are just all so desperate however until this point, the author did not make his main characters all feel helpless at times. Every chapter has information or events happening where you want to be reading it and involved in that exact moment.


The Tower of The Swallow order 2021

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Question and Answer

1. Who is the writer of The Witcher books?

The Witcher is a series of fantasy novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. He is Polish.


2. When did The Tower of The Swallow come out?

This book came out in 1997.


3. What books come after The Tower of The Swallow?

We have one book after The Tower of The Swallow and it’s name is “Lady of The Lake”.


4. Are the Witcher books worth reading?

The Witcher books have interesting and exciting stories. You will not be bored while reading them therefore they are worth reading.


5. In what order should you read this series of books?

The Last Wish comes first so this is reading order:

2.Sword of Destiny

3.Season of Storms 

4.Blood of Elves 

5.Time of Contempt

6.Baptism of Fire

7.The Tower of The Swallow

8.The Lady of The Lake


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