The Last Wish Reviews 2021

The Last Wish Reviews 2021

The first book of The Witcher series is The Last Wish. Before reviewing The Last Wish, the following questions should be considered:

  1. Did the readers play The Witcher?
  2. Did the readers watch The Witcher series?

Considering these questions, The Last Wish reviews 2021 will be more accurate. Let’s talk about the book first. The Last Wish is a collection of six short stroies and intervals starring Geralt. The stories relate the exploits of Geralt in which he has to demonstrate all the skills that he has developed during this training to become a Witcher. Geralt is a Witcher, and altered human being who has a quicker recovery mechanism for his body and enhanced eyesight. Geralt’s task is to roam the countyside and towns, as a Witcher. 

The Last Wish Reviews 2021

Good and Bad Sides of The Last Wish

The Last Wish, which will make you sad when it is finished, stands out as an extraordinary book. The biggest reason for The Last Wish to endear itself is that the stories are interesting and it is difficult to know the end. The stories told in this book are excellent and eventful but the writing is tedious and laborious. So, you may need to read many paragraphs many times but you still won’t get away from the story even though the odd paragraph. As a result, your only regret is that you didn’t read the book sooner. People who have played The Witcher, will not find the original portrayal of Geralt to be as collected, intelligent and witty as the game higlights. However, the book is unique and fun. Also The Last Wish has enough variety in each story to keep the pages turning. Especially if you enjoyed the video games, it is fantastic to read more about the world.







Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what order I should read? 

The Witcher book series reading order, as follows: The Last Wish, Sword of Destiny . Then follows the saga: Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, The Swallow’s Tower, 

2. The Lady of the Lake and Season of Storms. Is The Last Wish the first Witcher book? 

Yes. It would be better for you if you read the books in the order above. 

3. Is it worth reading The Last Wish? 

It certainly is. Besides being immersive, they allow you to travel to new worlds. 

4. Witcher lovers ask the following question: Are The Witcher books finished? 

This is not clear. For now the story has concluded, but the author has hinted that it may continue. 

5. People who are aware of the book fort he first time ask the following question: Why did Witcher books get bad review? 

Because the books are hard to understand. The reason for this is that the author is Polish and the translation of the book is not done properly. My advice to you is don’t stop reading the book just for this. Because after you finish the book, you will be satisfied. 

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