O Ultimo Desejo Serie The Witcher

O Ultimo Desejo Serie The Witcher

If you are a newcomer to The Witcher series, you should start with O Ultimo Desejo. Because, it is the first book of The Witcher book series reading order. Although O Ultimo Desejo is a bit strange and structured differently than what you expected, all the stories are interconnected in some ways. Even though the book was liked by many people, it didn’t win the appreciation of some readers. The biggest reason for this is that the events in the book are thought to be unconnected. Also, some of the people who play The Witcher game don’t like the book. Because these people think that the original portrayal of Geralt is not as compiled, clever and humorous as the highlights of the game.

Details of O Ultimo Desejo

First of all the language of the book is Portuguese Brazilian. The publisher of the book is WMF Martins Fontes and it’s publication date is January 1, 2015. Also, this book has 4.8 stars on Amazon. 4067 people voted for this book and %89 of these people gave 5 stars. So, it can be understood that this book is liked by many people. If you are someone who played The Witcher game and watched The Witcher, you can rely on these comments and read the book. But keep in mind that the book is quite different from The Witcher series.

Content of O Ultimo Desejo

O Ultimo Desejo consist of 7 short stories. These can be listed as follows: The Voice of Reason, The Witcher, A Grain of Truth, The Lesser Evil, A Question of Price, The Edge of the World and The Last Wish. The book takes place in an alternate universe where monsters disturb people and Geralt, a witcher, earned him living by killing these monsters. 

If you want to buy O Ultimo Desejo, you can click the link below:

https://www.amazon.com/Ultimo-Content of O Ultimo DesejoDesejo-Serie-Witcher-Geralt/dp/8578279581/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF

Audiobook O Ultimo Desejo

There is also an audio version of this book. It’s listening lenght is 13 hours and 15 minutes. The narrator of the book is Mauro Ramos and it’s release date is January 8, 2020. If you want to listen the audiobook, you can click the link below but it is only available in Portuguese. 

https://www.Audiobook O Ultimo Desejoamazon.ca/%C3%9Altimo-Desejo-Witcher-1/dp/B083K8ZQ9X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=o+ultimo+desejo&qid=1616185713&s=books&sr=1-1












Question and Answer

1. In conclusion, is this book worth reading? 

It is definitely worth reading. Because O Ultimo Dejere is a very immersive book to learn the witcher world, considering the world of the witcher book review.

2. Well, while there are so many good reviews, the question arises: Why did Witcher get bad reviews? 

Because the writing is laborious but even though this book is fun. 

3. The question that will be asked by those who start the book will be: Is O Ultimo Dejere the first Witcher book? 

The answer is yes. 

4. Well, in what order should you read? 

First of all you should read O Ultimo Dejere. Then you can read Sword of Destiny. After that, you should read first Blood of Elves, then Time of Contempt and Baptism of Fire. After this book, The Swallow’s Tower and The Lady of the Lake next. At the end, you can read Season of Storms. 

5. Well, aren’t there any other books besides these? Are the Witcher books finished? 

The answer to these questions is not clear. That’s all for now, but the author has hinted that it may continue.

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