How do I withdraw from Trustly?, What is Trustly payment method?

How do I transfer money from Trustly?

To use Trustly with WorldRemit, simply:

Is Trustly a Ewallet?

… it is considered to be an e-wallet service, Trustly is rather unique due to the nature of the service. It is more of a processor rather than an actual storage option, with one of its main traits being the absence of an actual account for interested users.

Where can I use Trustly?

Trustly is used by more than 8,000 merchants including PayPal, Alibaba, Facebook, eBay, AT&T, Unicef, Dell, Lyft, GoFundMe, TransferWise, DraftKings, and eToro. In 2020, Trustly launched in Australia and Canada, adding to its existing coverage in Europe and the US.

What is Trustly online banking?

Paying with Trustly means instant satisfaction, watertight security and super simple payments. Using our secure connection, consumers simply sign in to their open banking without ever leaving your site. There’s no sign up, no card or bank numbers to enter, and no billing info to provide.

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